QC - 5


Q. This ancient city was developed in a lotus-like formation with a temple at the centre and the streets layered one after the other in a concentric manner. The streets were named after the months in the Tamil calendar. According to legend, on the day the city was to be named, Lord Shiva blessed the land and the people and divine nectar showered on the city from his matted locks. The city, thus, came to be named _________, meaning ‘The Land of Divine Nectar’.
Often referred to as the ‘Athens of the East’, how we do know this city today?
A. Madurai. The blank is ‘Madhurapuri’.

1. What is the name of the new children's channel that was recently launched by Sun TV?
A. Chutti TV

2. X has become the first Indian bank to set up a branch in Qatar with a license from the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority (QFCRA). Name X.

3. Tata motors has launched the Tata Ace in a second international market after Sri Lanka. Where has it been launched?
A. Nepal

4. What is going to be unique about Spider-Man in comparison to other Marvel Comic book heroes?
A. Spider-Man will be the first Marvel comic book hero on whom a Broadway musical will be based. Bono and The Edge from U2 are to write the music and lyrics for this musical.

5. This service is the brainchild of 47-year-old entrepreneur Revathi Roy. She felt the growing female workforce in Mumbai was not being looked after well enough and decided to start her own service that appreciated the needs of the female gender - cabs driven by women, for women. What is the name of the service?
A. Forsche - Porsche spelt with an F, but pronounced 'For She', because it is for ladies only.

6. Identify the logo. (refer pic1)
A. Barclays Bank

7. TV 18 Group and Infosys BPO have announced the launch of a media outsourcing services company, X. it will provide a full spectrum of services including digital archiving and meta-tagging, repurposing content, work flow charting, ideation and re-editing to media and entertainment companies globally. It already has National Geographic Channel International as a client. While Infosys BPO will deliver the process and technological support, TV 18 will bring its domain knowledge and expertise in media to the initiative. Name X.
A. Source 18

8. March 2007, Mexico, in an attempt to lower the amount of weapons on the street, offered an X to anyone who turned in a weapon. Name X.
A. Microsoft XBOX

9. This company was founded by Milan Puskar & Don Panoz in White Sulphur Springs, WV and is now set to buy the generic drugs business from Merck. Name the company.
A. Mylan Pharmaceuticals, initially named Milan Pharmaceuticals

10. Connect: Disney, The Rolling Stones and Shantaram.
A. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
- Disney is the producer of Pirates of the Caribbean
- Keith Richards, the founding member of The Rolling Stones, will be making a cameo appearance as the father of Jack Sparrow in the movie

- Shantaram – of course, for Johnny Depp!

Bonus Question

Q. While in X, the human body's weight is temporarily reduced by about 1% when going eastwards and increased by about 0.3% while going westwards. The speed of X exceeded that of the solar terminator and it was able to overtake the spin of the earth. Name X. (Hint: 'Arrive before you leave')
A. X – Concorde. The weight of a human being is reduced while travelling east due to the centrifugal effects because the airspeed added to the speed of rotation of the Earth. Similarly, while travelling towards the west, it cancelled out the normal rotation.
Also, the Concorde was flown at such high altitudes that the weight of the passengers was reduced by an additional 0.6% because of the increased distance from the centre of the earth.The 'Arrive before you leave' slogan was used by British Airways to publicize the fact that the Concorde could overtake the spin of the earth. Hence, on westbound flights, it was possible to arrive at the destination at a local time earlier than the flight's departure time.