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Q. X, also known as the ‘Anti-Fascist Protective Rampart’, was built in an effort to stop the drain of labour and economic output associated with the daily migration of huge numbers of professionals and skilled workers from either side. It was over 155 km long and work started on a second parallel one upto 91 meters and there was a no man’s land created between the two. This became known as the ‘death strip’, which was paved with raked gravel, making it easy to spot footprints left by escapees. It was booby-trapped with trip-wires and offered a clear field of fire to the watching guards. Name X.
A. X – The Berlin Wall


1. Why was it in the news recently?

2. This company has decided to pull out its brand of San Frisco jeans from the market. Which company?

3. Identify the gentleman. (Refer: pic1)

4. Connect:
a) Belgium and Netherlands
b) Austria and Switzerland
c) Poland and Ukraine


5. Easy one: Identify the lady sitting next to Ash. (Refer: pic2)

6. Jaya Pradha, Sridevi, Juhi Chawla and Karisma Kapoor — who endorsed this product on silver screen since 1980, did not have the chance to grace the Dabur Amla bottles, which went with a picture of an unidentifiable young woman. But all that has changed as the brand ambassador X will now be reaching out to the 35 million strong customers of Dabur Amla hair oil with her picture on the bottles. Name X.

a. He is an award winning English architect famous for his initiativeson low-cost housing.b. He came to India in 1945 and has lived and worked in India since then.c. He was given the Indian citizenship in 1989 and lived inThiruvanathapuram, Kerala.d. He was awarded the Padma Shri by the Indian Government in 1990 and the UNO Habitat Award and Roll of Honour in 1992.
Who is he? (Refer: pic3)

8. This US based company has acquired 51% stake in Godrej Beverages and Foods Ltd. Which company?

9. This company has topped the list of world's most eco-friendly electronic firms, compiled by Greenpeace. Name the company.

10. This company has launched a DVD player with a USB port and a multi-card reader on the faceplate, which further expands its playback capabilities. This enables the user to connect USB drives as well as SD/MMC/MC storage cards directly to the player and play music tracks stored in them. Name the company.

Bonus Question (2 points)

Q. The shape of this product is modelled after a hyperbolic paraboloid. This design characteristic is beneficial as it helps keep the product from breaking during distribution by eliminating lines of stress along which a small crack may easily propagate. Further, it keeps a stack of the product tightly interlocked or nested during distribution. The name of the product came from a street in Cincinnati. The people that picked the name chose it simply for its sound and appeal. Name the product.


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