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Q. All the major sections are built in France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Due to their size, they are brought to the assembly hall in Toulose in France by surface transportation. The components are provided by suppliers from across the world (Rolls-Royce, SAFRAN, Goodrich, General Electric, United Technologies to name a few). The front and rear sections are loaded on a Roll-on/Roll-off ship in Hamburg in northern Germany and shipped to the UK, where the wings are manufactured and added to the ship. In France, the ship adds larger assembled sections, including the nose and unloads in Bordeaux. The ship then picks up the belly and tail sections from Spain and delivers them to Bordeaux. From there, all the parts are transported by barge to Langon and then by road to the assembly hall in Toulose. The assembled unit is then sent to Hamburg where it is furnished and painted. It takes 3600 litres of paint to cover the 3100 sq.m exterior of the ______. The name of the assembled mammoth unit fills the blank!
A. Airbus A380

1. X studied at the La Martiniere Boys’ College in Lucknow and obtained his MS in Industrial Engineering, PhD in Industrial Engineering and a PhD in Economics from the North Carolina State University. He was on the Board of Directors of the Indian Oil Corporation, Board of Directors of GAIL, National Thermal Power Ltd, the Board of Governors of Shriram Scientific and Industrial Research Foundation, the Executive Committee of the India International Centre, New Delhi, the Governing Council of the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, and the Court of Governors, Administrative Staff College of India. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2001. Name X!
A. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, chief of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which shares the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore.

2. Connect – Macy’s, Mark Burnett, ImClone, Alderson Federal Prison.
A. Martha Stewart.
- Macy’s recently released a line of home related equipments designed by Martha Stewart.
- She collaborated with Mark Burnett for the Apprentice : Martha Stewart.
- ImClone was the company for which she was tried for insider trading.Alderson Federal Prison was where she served her prison time.

3. Made out of pure spring water, this is the first Asian vodka in the US market. This is said to be the only vodka infused with a polished rice spirit. The oval shaped bottle is designed by Dennis Mukai and the bottle has the insignia of a famous Asian dynasty. Which brand of vodka is this?
A. The Han. The bottle has the insignia of the Han Dynasty of China.

4. Connect – ‘Impotency drugs help hamsters recover from jet lag’, ‘A machine that catches bank robbers by dropping a net on them’, ‘Limits of the Human Appetite, by using a self-refilling “bottomless” bowl of soup’, ‘Health consequences of sword swallowing’, ‘How cloth sheets become wrinkled’, ‘Census of creatures that live in people’s beds’, ‘Method of extracting vanilla fragrance and flavouring from cow dung’, ‘Rats cannot tell the difference between Japanese and Dutch when spoken backwards’, ‘How the word “The” confuses people when they try to put things in alphabetical order’ and finally ‘Gay Bomb’.
A. The 2007 Ig Nobel Awards. These are the researches/discoveries in the various fields of Medicine, Physics, etc which have been awarded the 2007 Ig Nobel Awards!

5. Identify the logo. (Refer pic1)

6. Connect the lady in pic2 with the below given quote –
‘The original _____ _____ was a series of brilliant accidents. It had a great smell, it had a funky name. It was positioned between two funeral parlours – that always caused controversy. It was incredibly sensuous. It was 1976, the year of the heatwave, so there was a lot of flesh around. We knew about storytelling then, so all the products had stories. We recycled everything, not because we were environmentally friendly but because we didn’t have enough bottles. It was a good idea. What was unique about it, with no intent at all, no marketing nous, was that it translated across cultures, across geographical barriers and social structures. It wasn’t a sophisticated plan, it just happened like that.’
(Hint: The blank is the connect)
A. Body Shop. The lady in the pic is Dame Anita Roddick, the founder of Body Shop, who passed away recently.

7. This character was loosely based on the arbitrageur Ivan Boesky and real life investor Carlos Icahn. The person who portrayed this character won an Oscar for it. This character is set to return to the screen in the as-yet embryonic film ‘Money Never Sleeps’. Who is this character who was rated as one of the Fifteen Richest Fictional Characters by Forbes in 2002?
A. Gordon Gecko from the movie ‘Wall Street’, played by Michael Douglas.

8. Yahoo! has created, what it calls, the world’s first branded knowledge video search. What was it for?
A. To launch Dove Haircare Products.

9. Which company is taking over Navteq, a maker of maps (like Google Maps) and navigation systems, for 8.1bn?
A. Nokia

10. Identify the building in pic3.
A. Burj Dubai. This skyscraper is currently under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It recently became the world’s tallest free standing structure, surpassing the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. The construction of this massive structure began on Sept 21, 2004. It is expected to be completed in late 2008.

Bonus Question
Q. Connect ‘Spencerian Script’, ‘hobble skirt’ (refer pic4) and NYSE:KO.
A. Coca Cola.
- The cursive script used in the logo is called the Spencerian Script.
- The famous Coca Cola bottle is also known as the ‘hobble-skirt’ bottle.
- NYSE:KO is the ticker symbol of Coca Cola.


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